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Bright Education for the children of the Defenders of Ukraine

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About the Project

Childhoodis a priceless treasure, and every child deserves to have a bright, safe and joy-filled childhood.
These are the principles by which we have been making Bright preschool for over 5 years, and hundreds of children are happy with us.
Unfortunately, Russia's brutal aggression against Ukraine took away a happy childhood from many children who were forced to leave their homes in danger, lost their health or loved ones :(
There are events that even the coolest adults have no influence on, but we know for sure that everyone should do what they can, where they are, and with the means available to them.

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That's why we at Bright Preschool decided that we can help Ukraine, families of defenders and young Ukrainians in whatever way we can: by organizing high-quality preschool education and safe and bright learning.

We are launching a charity project
"Bright Education for Children of the Defenders of Ukraine" together with the NGO "Yaskrava Osvita" to support preschool children from families where the father (or mother), being a serviceman in the Armed Forces, died while performing combat missions.

The purpose of the program is the provision of scholarship places for preschool children for free classes at the private children's educational institution "Yaskrava doShkola" in Lviv.
We cannot fix the loss of our dearest people, but we can organize a safe and quality education for children from the families of our defenders to try to preserve their childhood.
Therefore, we allocate 20 places in our kindergartens for these scholarships and give up our profit so that children have a bright childhood.

More details, including the program and terms of participation for families, here:

To support

How to become a donor

We have big plans, but we can't do it without the support of the community.
That is why
we are launching a scholarship donation platform to run this program.

How can you join?

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Scholarship for the education of 1 child per month in kindergarten is $200,which covers the cost of services.
You can be the donor who funds 1 or more scholarships for the education of children from the families of fallen military personnel.
We are looking for donors who will take over the funding of scholarships for the duration of a child's education in kindergarten (at least 6 months)
We have to remember that when a child starts studying, we will not be able to stop it after a few months due to a lack of scholarships.
If you cannot finance the scholarship, but want to support our project -
we will be grateful for every donation.


An example of the calculation of scholarships for donors


5375 4112 0155 1160(Monobank)


Payment by card

For families

What does the children's program include?

☀️Free educational classes on the basis of the private educational institution "Yaskrava doSkola"
☀️ full day/adaptive first month (8:30-19:30/ 8:30-13:00);
☀️ 5-fold vitaminized and balanced nutrition;
☀️ safe, closed, landscaped, private territory;
☀️ video surveillance, fire and security alarms 24/7;
☀️ equipped safe shelter below horizon level in case of air alarms
☀️ small groups (12-16 children) and 2 mentors per group - maximum attention to your child's needs
☀️ own educational program built according to the "Face to the child" approach with elements of Montessori, construction, algorithms and programming for the smallest
☀️ learning English, music, dancing, as well as preparation for school and programming in the senior group

Place of provision of services:

The branch of "Yakravaya doShkoly" in Nowy Lviv, str. Zaporizhia, 19

Branch of "Yaskravoy doShkoly" p. Zimna Voda, str. Knyazya Svyatoslava, 22


Conditions of Participation for Families of Military Servicemen

GO "Yaskrava Osvita", which isnon-profit organization,attracts funding on the basis of grant applications and/or individual charitable contributions and on their basis provides scholarship places for study at the Private Educational Institution "Yaskrava doShkola"

Scholarships are awarded to childrenpreschool age,one of whose parents died during the performance of combat missions, being a military serviceman, subject to the availability of funding and confirmation from the NGO "Yaskrava Osvita"

To apply for a scholarship, you need:

To one of the parents (or guardian of the child) to register

If there are scholarship placeswait for a call from the representative of the NGO "Yaskrava Osvita" and an invitation to a tour of the educational institution

After the excursion, provide supporting documents: a child's birth certificate, a medical certificate of health (form 086o), copies of the passport and TIN of one of the parents, supporting documents on the death of the other parent

Signinformed consent/agreement on the provision of educational services


Under the condition of receiving a scholarship, the child will get used to attending classes at a private educational institutioncompletely free

Note: The right to study will be granted to children from the respective families based on the principle of first registration, provided there are documents confirming the participation and death of one of the child's parents during combat missions.


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10 children

received scholarships for studies


UAH 95,000




GO "Bright Education"

+38 098 584 95 91
Legal address:
79034, Ukraine, Lviv,
St. Zaporizhia, 19
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