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Bright Preschool

a network of private licensed kindergartens of the "preschool" format in Lviv with two preschools (Noviy Lviv and the village of Zimna Voda)

Your child is a unique little individual, and we at Yarkya doSchool know how to help him grow up happy, using his talents and skills.

For the 5th year in a row, we are raising a bright generation of young Ukrainians who will definitely change the world and the country ;)


We offer

Four age groups for full-day stay (from 2 to 6 years old), with a convenient schedule from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Mini-kindergarten (adaptation first month) for children from 1.8 years old.


Kindergartens licensed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Culture, which fulfill all the necessary conditions for educational institutions.


The kindergartens are located in the green areas of Lviv and Zimnia Voda: these are cozy houses with their own territory and equipped playgrounds.

A unique development program based on the principles of "Face to Child" and professional educators with pedagogical education who make up our #bright_team


A unique development program based on the principles of "Face to Child" and professional educators with pedagogical education who make up our #bright_team


The values of our kindergarten


Love and respect for the child

Each child is an individual who has his own character and needs an individual approach.
We understand this well and aim to give each child as much time as possible.

Understanding and sensitivity

We know that parents are looking for the best for their child. That is why our teachers are professional and really love their work. They give children a piece of their heart and spare no effort.

Care and support

It is very important to support the interests and passions of each child, to find his strengths and talents, so that he grows into a well-rounded adult.

Space for creativity

Our program includes creative classes: art therapy, sculpting, theater, music, dance and much more that gives the child freedom in creativity and self-expression.

Engineering direction

One of the advantages of our program is the engineering direction - we have classes in construction, logic, experiments and natural science from the 2nd grade, and programming and simple algorithms in the senior group

Environmental friendliness

We care about the environment and teach children to love and respect nature - from sorting garbage to behaving in the park. We wear reusable shoe covers, we are frugal with resources. We also teach children charity and participate in various actions

In the Bright Kindergarten, your child will receive:

Self-belief, acceptance, love and support

5-time vitaminized balanced nutrition

True friends and a wonderful circle of communication

Lots of creative and creative space

Our Bright Team

🌵We are proud of our team! #bright_team- these are more than 30 professionals in their field, educators whose vocation is to raise new generations of young Ukrainians: proud to be themselves, confident in their abilities, inquisitive, dreamy and comprehensively developed.
Our mentors:
🌵have a pedagogical education and mandatory experience working with children 
🌵 average length of service at Yarkaya preschool is 3.5 years
🌵passed the mandatory first aid course
🌵know what inclusive education is and have practical work experience and knowledge in this direction
🌵 are constantly studying and undergoing additional training

Bright Preschool is a place of happy children , where every child will receive what makes childhood joyful and fulfilling:

lots of love and understanding
adult attention
new friends
lots of movement and games
searching for answers to a wide variety of questions
support and development of your curiosity
imagination and fantasizing
self-belief, trust in one's judgments and decisions, and lots of support.
support and development of your curiosity

We have more than 5 years of experience in educational activities, educational institutions licensed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a registered trademark and educational results confirmed by experience.

We are involved  in charity and educate preschoolers according to the principles of kindness, mutual help and love.

We organize the annual Lemonade Charity Days to support the "Tabletochka" BF, the "Kryla Nadiya" BF, and to support the Armed Forces.

The founders of our kindergartens are co-founders of several charitable initiatives: NGO "Yaskrava Osvita", the initiative "IT-Mykolay" and others.



We create a happy childhood!
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